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What is Bluewitch Productions?
My business entity. I use this entity to better manage my business financials , accounting and online commerce.
What do you do?
Security, Software Engineering, Design and Development, Media Creative, Video and Audio editing. I am also skilled with legal matters, including creating corporations, non-profits and LLCs, contracts and I specialize in legal research and accounting.
What do you charge?
Ideally to quote a fair amount, I will need to assess any given project and gauge it's scope and complexity to determine a fair bid. As a general rule I charge on a three tier system, 1st tier (a simple and dynamic landing page), 2nd tier (a registration and email component), 3rd tier (ecommerce component), 4th tier (dynamic database component). But for undefined scope, without adequate time to assess the project complexity, I start at


Prices: $100.00/hour
Rates $40/hour $60/hour $80/hour $100/hour
Tier/Level Tier 1 (Bronze) Tier 2 (Silver) Tier 3 (Gold) Tier 4 (Platinum)
Specialized Programing X X X INCLUDED
Do you only telecommute? Would you consider an on-site assignment?
Telecommuting is always preferable to being on-site, but I will make exceptions to this if the client needs certain details in person (for signing contracts, brainstorming, initial face-to-face meetings and security reasons). But telecommuting must be at least an option going forward. It is a manner of efficiently using time, commuting to the office, negotiating traffic, paying for gas, paying for parking and wasted travel time lack efficiency increase billable hours and cost both parties money better spent on the project at hand.
Are you open to W2 Employee assignments?
Yes, depending on the company, the technologies they work with and the culture of the work environment.
What are your salary expectations for W2 assignments?
Always, negotiable. My "expectations" often are often in alignment towards the fair and reasonable budget (inclusive with 401K, Medical, Vacation, etc.) allocated for the assignment. Most of the time, Local Market Rates are always a fair "salary" starting point.
Do you have online samples of your work projects?

Work Samples
URL Company Project Type Details
My main site Bluewitch Productions Dynamic Landing Page CSS, JQuery, Responsive
Nature's Flavors Nature's Flavors eCommerce JavaScript, Magento, MySQL, CSS
Record Gone Law Offices of Higbee and Associates Specilized Development PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Hear Me Hear Me Specilized Development PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Do you have references?
Yes, both professional and personal. I will provide them on request.